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General regulations

Faculty and Staff regulations

Student regulations 
Regulations of scientific research in Saudi universities Regulations of Saudis' affairs for faculty members and their equivalents Regulations of study and examinations in Saudi universities
Scientific societies in Saudi universities Regulations for the employment of non-Saudis in Saudi universities The Unified Regulations for Postgraduate Studies in Saudi Universities
  Regulations of training and scholarships in Saudi universities The list of student rewards in Saudi universities
    Student rights at King Saud University
    Regulations for disciplining students at King Saud University
    New student guide at King Saud University



Faculty and staff forms Student forms  Forms for postgraduate students
 Ordinary / Urgent Leave Application Form  A form of desires to join one of the departments   Request to allow the registration of supplementary courses
 Form for reporting direct / leaving a job  Transfer form from one department to another  Transfer request from inside the university
 Sponsorship form  Application form for transfer to the college  Transfer request from outside the university
 Exit and return visa application form  Transfer application form from one college to another  Course registration request
 Request for offering summer semester courses  Course Equivalency Request Form  Request to postpone acceptance, registration, or deletion of a semester
 Application form for compensation for the value of travel tickets  Application form for a course equivalency outside the university  Request to postpone the comprehensive test
 Excuse form to leave during working hours  Excuse for dropping a course request form  Request to form a discussion committee
 The final exam deprivation list form  A late course deletion request form  Request re-entry
 System Access Request Form  Excuse for dropping a semester request form  Recommendation form (English)
 An internal exchange order form  A semester postponement cancellation form Female students' forms
 Temporary internal clearance  Alternative exam application form  Discounted Ticket Declaration Form
 Form for exchange request for warehouse manager  Handling registration conditions Form  Books and references exchange form
 Warehouse pick-up authorization form  Student medical report form  Letter exchange form
   Internal release form  
   Good Conduct Certificate Template  
   Form re-entry  
   Discounted Ticket Declaration Form  
  Female students' forms  
   Information Technology Pathway Determination Form  
   Request for an Alternative semester Exam - Information Technology  
   An alternative final exam request  
   Medical report form  
   Marriage leave form  
   Maternity leave form  
   Student case handling form  
   Absentee List Form for Sections  


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