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The College vice Deanship for Educational and Academic Affairs supervises the implementation of the academic regulations for undergraduate programs, such as the study regulations, tests, and regulations for student rights. It also supervises the updating of study plans and coordination between college departments to achieve integration between the various majors in the college. The Agency is also keen on the smooth running of the educational process by supervising tests and equipping the study laboratories with the necessary hardware and computer applications. Field practical training is one of the college’s most important priorities, as the College vice Deanship for Academic and Educational Affairs represented by the Practical Training Committee and the Training Unit oversees the practical training plans for students, reviewing them, and coordinating with the relevant authorities.To find training opportunities for college students. The agency seeks to develop the procedures and procedures of the college.

 Dr.Fayez Hussain Alqahtani , 

Vice Dean for Educational and Academic Affairs.


Last updated on : January 22, 2024 7:11pm