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Dear colleagues, staff, and students, and other respected (this) homepage viewers … Salam Alaikum

As the head of the Vice-Deanship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (VD4GS&SR) at the College of Computer Science and Information (CCIS), I want to state following statements for communication between VD4GS&SR and its employees in one side, and the departments, faculty members, students and postgraduate students at CCIS in the other side. First of all, we want to emphasize that this VD4GS&SR is serving important ingredients in our college which are the various graduate programs, departments that provide these programs, professors who carry out the academic, teaching and supervision of our students, and the last (but not the least) our male and female students. Also, VD4GS&SR may be considered as the link between these mentioned CCIS sectors and the deanship of CCIS and the Deanship of Graduate Studies (DGS) at the university. In addition to that, the VD4GS&SR mission is to support and organize scientific research and coordination between departments, professors and graduate students in benefiting from the university's support for scientific research granted and supervised by the Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) and the Vice Rectorate for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (VRGSSR).

The goals of VD4GS&SR and CCSI academic departments are to implement, organize, develop, and interpret university and the college bylaws and regulations for the sake of enhancing the quality and benefit of each of the graduate programs and scientific research. Also this will fruit in the positive direction of what the college and university are targeting with respect to academic and institutional accreditation. Therefore, we have designed VD4GS&SR website to contain all the regulations, templates, and announcements supplied by departments, CCIS, and DGS for staff and students. The regulations, templates, and advertisements will be continuously updated and managed so that they are easily accessible to everyone, whether they are departments, professors, students or students. In addition to the phone numbers of the college and VD4GS&SR, a dedicated email account will be announced for the reception of inquiries and suggestions of students and postgraduate students at the college and they will be answered by the e-mail itself.

We would like to appreciate the vice rector of VRGSSR and deans of CCSIS and DGS for their unlimited support to raise the quality of graduate studies in the college to the degree that the university aspires to. We would also like to thank our colleagues (vice deans and department heads) for their support and participation in our humble efforts to carry out the mission required by VD4GS&SR in accordance with the university bylaws and regulations. We will never hesitate to open our ears, eyes, and minds to receive and react upon to any suggestions, criticisms, or corrections that arrive at the VD4GS&SR either from the deanship of CCIS, DGS, departments, professors, and/or graduate students in the college. Finaly, I would like to thank everyone who is working in the VD4GS&SR, whether they are members of committees, employees, technicians, or graduate students. We wish all of us the useful knowledge and success and Allah (s.w.t.) is the guide to the correct path.

Muna Saleh Al-Razgan

Last updated on : January 31, 2024 1:45pm