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Development and Quality Unit

Development and Quality Unit

Development and Quality Unit


Unit vision:

Continuous development of the outcomes of Computer and Information Sciences College through ambitious planning and effective quality management.


Unit message:

Improving the performance in different College units to achieve academic leadership at the national and international levels ، as well as, tracking the execution of the college strategic plans and the application of quality standards through active participation and support towards the administrative and academic units of the college of Computer and Information Sciences. 


 Functions of the Unit:

  1. Dissemination of quality awareness in the College.
  2. Tracking college programs evaluation and academic accreditation.
  3. Contribution to the academic and administrative development at the College to reach accordance with national and international standards.
  4. Documentation and analysis of college’s activities and data related to quality and development.

Unit connection:


Head of the Unit

Hussein Al-Salman, PhD.

+966 11 4695218 


Hossam Mohammad Al-Am. Eng.

+966 11 4698780 


Women's department:

Head of the unit

Mariam Aloraij

Email: ccis-qu@KSU.EDU.SA 

+966 11 8054326