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وحدة الخريجين

وحدة الخريجين

Vision of the unit
A permanent associative relationship between the college and its graduates

Unit message
Dedicating you alumni and enhancing their participation by opening communication channels and communicating with the university to contribute to the development of their knowledge and skills, and to develop university programs in line with the requirements of the labor market, in support of the university's mission, goals and vision


Unit objectives

  1. Building a true partnership between the college and its alumni to realize the university vision KSU2030

  2. Promote affiliation and loyalty to the university

  3. Supporting graduates in the field of employment, training and career counseling

  4. Cooperating with the private sector in implementing its programs and initiatives related to training, rehabilitation and employment

  5. Benefiting from the experiences of graduates after engaging in the labor market

  6. Building an integrated database of statistics and studies related to graduates and the labor market

  7. Educating graduates about the importance of their role in developing educational curriculum plans

  8. Communication with graduates through cultural and social activities

  9. Providing a platform for graduates to raise their issues and aspirations

  10. Encouraging graduates to submit their proposals and visions regarding the development of unit plans in accordance with their needs and requirements


strategic plan

The strategic and operational goals of the graduate unit are in line with the goals of the strategic plan of the alumni center at the university, as the center falls within the initiatives of two strategic objectives of the university’s strategic plan KSU2030, namely (building bridges of communication and a sustainable financial future). The university has paid more attention to graduates, as they are one of its most important outputs that contribute to advancing development, building the national economy and participating in promoting sustainable financial development for the university.


Targeted Initiatives

  1. Cooperating with various sectors (for example: the Human Resources Fund (Hadaf), the Saudi Telecom Company, and the Advanced Electronics Company) to train and qualify graduates for the labor market

  2. Linking employers and college graduates to raise the chance of getting the right job

  3. The alumni unit’s association with the alumni center to raise the efficiency of work



Head of the Graduate Affairs Unit

Muhammad ibn Musa al-Hakami