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Computer technologies and applicationshave witnessed tremendous advances in the recent years. The rapid development in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the increased demand for the computer in modern development and technology results in a huge need for specialized individuals in this field who are capable of working with computers that played essential roles in all governal, public and private institutions and establishments.
Because of need for national human resources in computer science, the king Saud University has approved on 1402/1403 H. to start two study programs in this field which are:

  • computer science program under the college of science,
  • and computer engineering under college of engineering.

The Royal Decree under the number 7/1558/m in 19.5/1404 H was issued to establish the college of computer science for the King Saud University so that the college will be supported financially, administratively and academically like the other colleges in the university; an approval is issued to the college to start enrolling student on 1404/1405 H.