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Partnerships program

Firstly: Digital Strategic Partnership Program

    The program’s main concern is creating sustainable, strategic partnerships with local, regional and global digital companies.                                          

   In order to provide what is in the interest of the university, the college, including the college's employees, students, faculty members

and administrative staff.The program also strives to organize and frame around the processes of establishing these partnerships to be

under the umbrella of the college until the general benefit is achieved.


The most important duties of the program can be summarized as follows:

  • Developing strategic partnerships through arrangement with relevant authorities.

  • Preparing memorandums that contains understandings and agreements, reviewing them legally and approving them from the legal affairs department at the university.

  • Monitoring, managing and following up on the results of the various partnerships as well as monitoring and developing the  workplan.


The work team:

  • Dr. Noura Alhaqbani,  head of the program 

  • Dr. Sarah Almuaiqil

  • Dr. Hiba Kurdi

  • Dr. Mai Alzamil

  • Dr. Manal Bin Khaneen

  • Dr. Assim Alyahya


Report of the Committee's work for the year 2023



Last updated on : January 8, 2024 1:33pm