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Master of Science in Computer Science (Courses option)

Master of Science in Computer Science (Courses option)

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Program Information

Computer Science Department is one of the largest departments in Computer and Information Sciences College. It was established in 1404/1405. Computer Science field is one of the most important fields in Information and Computer Technology. It includes many areas, including: databases, networks, graphics, artificial intelligence, programming languages, and software engineering. The department has graduated hundreds of students from its BS and MS programs.

Degree Name:

Master of Science in Computer Science (a non-thesis option)

Program Educational Objectives

The Master of Science in Computer Science Program's Educational Objectives are:

  • To cater for the current and future needs of the Saudi market in terms of highly qualified computer science professionals. To this end, a strong emphasis will be put on these areas: databases, networks, graphics, and software engineering. These areas are the cornerstones of today’s information technology.;
  • To give the graduates a better chance to consolidate their knowledge as well as acquire a sound methodological approach to help them in the analysis, design and implementation of complex systems;
  • To bridge the gap between the academia and the industrial world and to develop a mutually-fruitful cooperation between these institutions. since the MS student projects are designed to be conducted concomitantly with local institutions.


In addition to the conditions enumerated in the 15th article of the unified law organizing the graduate studies in Saudi universities, the candidate has to fit the following criteria:

  • to obtain a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science or equivalent,
  • to pass an entrance examination.

Besides, the department of Computer Science may grant provisional approval to candidates with a B.Sc in a different area with the requirement that they succeed in B.Sc level courses in the following fields: structured programming, data structures, operating systems, discrete mathematics.

Degree Requirements
  • The student has to complete a minimum of 43 credit hours of graduate courses.
  • These credit hours has to include a research project.

Program structure


Credit hours

7 core courses


8 elective courses