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Lecturers and returners  

  • The conditions and controls for attending lectures and assignments inside:
  • To have academic acceptance.
  • To be advanced to study the PhD degree has spent at least one year according to one of the following officers:
  • Must have spent at least one year from the date of her appointment at King Saud University as a lecturer.
  • Must have spent at least one year as of the date of obtaining a master's degree and is a job as a lecturer at King Saud University and did not rise to the post of lecturer after obtaining a master's degree.
  • To be developed for doctoral study has published at least one research in the field of specialization.
  • Language proficiency (PBT) with a level of (550) five hundred and fifty or the equivalent of other language tests.
  • To pass the capacity test with a score of (80) eighty.
  • Joint external supervision program for lectures
  • Forms related to lecturers and lecturers.