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Fifth Call for Research Proposals


Research Center in College of Computer and Sciences

The 5th Call for Research Proposals (CFRP-5)

Deadline: Saturday 22/4/1435H, Feb 22, 2013 (11:59PM Riyadh)

Submit to: AND


The RC council invites all male faculty members to participate in this 5th call for research proposals (CFRP5).

Requirements and guidelines for submission of proposals:

1.      All proposals must be submitted by using the current version of the RC Project Proposal Form.

2.      Each Faculty member can be involved at most in 3 accepted projects as a PI and 3 accepted projects as CoI.

3.      All proposals will be checked for degree of similarity by using Turnitin.

4.      PI for each proposal must be a male faculty of CCIS

5.      Female departments of CCIS are excluded from this call because they have their own research center(s).

6.      The outcome of the project should be published in: at least one paper in ISI journal and at least one paper in a conference of good reputation.

7.      We encourage proposals involving graduate students, but this is not mandatory.

8.      Maximum budget of the project is 30,000.00 SR.

9.      Project should be implemented over a maximum period of 15 months.

10.  The (hard) deadline for submission of proposals is Saturday 22/4/1435H, Feb 22, 2013 (11:59PM Riyadh).

11.  In order to keep the process fair and impartial, the RC uses a double-blind review process.  The blind review process requires the removal of the author's name from a manuscript; such information must be deleted from the manuscript by the authors before submission. Therefore, all proposals must be submitted electronically in two versions: a normal version (i.e., with names) and a blind version (without authors' names). To create the blind version, please use the following  process:

·         Eliminate names, contact information, and department affiliations from title pages (and anyplace else in the proposal).

·         Eliminate references to funding sources.

·         Eliminate acknowledgments.

·         De-personalize the work by using anonymous text where necessary.

·         Remove self-citations and citations to unpublished work.

12.  All proposals should be submitted electronically. They must be emailed (in MS Word format) to both the RC Director ( AND RC secretariat ( ) no later than midnight on the day of the deadline. 

13.  Any submitted proposal found in violation of the above requirements will give the RC the right to reject it without any notice.


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