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Vice-Deanship for Female Students' Affairs

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Vice-dean Message

During the past few years, the female section in the college of computer and Information sciences (CCIS) went through vital and tanglble changes, from increasing the number of female faculty members to the opening of new undergraduate programs for female students, all these changes were a direct reflection of the vision set by the College to achieve leadershio and excellence in education and research.
Three decades of sustainable progress and excellence in lT female education incurred by the female section, which resulted in graduates with high degree of efficiency and professionalism. The female section has also attracted a number of faculty members and researchers from various countries to serve the process of teaching and research. This ecosystem is complemented with an infrastructure of labs and classrooms equipped with the latest hardware and software facilities. 
The female section will spare no effort in achieving the vision, mission and objectives of the College through excellence in teaching and scientific research. lt will work so hard to prepare its female graduates to be qualified scientifically and practically, and who are capable to handle responsibility and face future challenges to serve their nation. 

Hend S. Al-Khalifah, PhD
Vice-dean for Female Students' Affairs

Organizational Structure

CCIS Departments and Academic Programs

Department of
Information Technology


Department of
Computer Science


Department of
Information Systems


Department of
Software Engineering

Dept. Head
Maha M. Al-Yahya, PhD

  -----   -----   -----

Dept. Vice-head
Muna S. Al-Razgan, PhD


Dept. Vice-head
Mznah A. Al-Rodhan, PhD


Dept. Vice-head
Hessa A. Al-Salamah, PhD


Dept. Vice-head
Abir BenAbid, PhD

Bachelor Program
 - Network & Security track
 - Internet * Multimedia track
 - Data Management track
  Bachelor program   Bachelor Program   Bachelor Program
Master program
 - Courses Option
  Master program
 - Thesis Option
 - Courses Option
  Master program
 - Thesis Option
 - Courses Option
  Master program
 - Thesis Option
 - Courses Option
    PhD Program   PhD Program    

Students' Club

Information Technology Club

Cultural and Social Activities Club

Contact Us

Vice-Deanship for Female Students' Affairs

Secretary +966 11 8052644 +966 11 8052644
  +966 11 8052891 +966 11 8052891
Registration and Students' Counselling  +966 11 8051435 +966 11 8051435
Students' Affairs +966 11 8051703 +966 11 8051703
Public Relations +966 11 8052470 +966 11 8052470

Department of Information Technology

Secretary +966 11 8051781 +966 11 8051781

Department of Computer Science

Secretary +966 11 8052789 +966 11 8052789

Department of Information Systems

Secretary +966 11 8051648 +966 11 8051648

Department of Software Engineering

Secretary +966 11 8050719 +966 11 8050719

Students Clubs

Information Technology club
Cultural and Social Club +966 11 8052899 +966 11 8052899

CCIS Building Maps (Female Campus)

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