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Dear faculty members, researchers, staff, and students
          of the College of Computer and Information Sciences (CCIS),

Please allow me to warmly welcome you as the director of the Research Center (RC) of CCIS. Kindly let me give you a brief overview about the RC aims and responsibilities.

First of all, I want to let you know that our RC is managed and financially supported by the Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) at KSU in order to provide services related to the advancement of research in CCIS. In other words, RC is supposed to support the research activities within CCIS towards researchers and graduate student and to provide a minimum level of research support in parallel to the support efforts provided by the different entities within and outside of KSU.

In RC, we are trying to support the research activity in the right and ethical manner while abiding by DSR and KSU rules with a dedicated yearly budget. Based on our view, research support is supposed to elevate the research quality of the faculty members and their students and to transfer expertise and knowledge from faculty members toward their students and young researchers. Even though our budget sometimes cannot cover all our expenditures, we are trying to solve this problem by prioritizing payments depending on the more urgent and important needs.

Our support is covering compensations for past research activities that have resulted in high quality publications, funding for new research projects, authoring of books, applying for and obtaining patents, support for conference attendance and publications, and finally support of graduate student research including their theses and dissertations. Two calls for research proposals are planned every academic year, one per academic semester, excluding summer term. The RC has decided to review submitted proposals using a blind review process in order to only accept good quality research projects with guaranteed fruitful outcomes and to maintain fairness and integrity. A main goal in our road map is to avoid any faked support or publications, the overlapping (or doubling) of support, and/or weak support to any research activity between RC and faculty members and students.

I want to sincerely thank the DSR, our CCIS, and KSU for their continuous support and encouragement as well as for helping us to overcome the different obstacles and to solve the many problems we’ve faced early on. Finally, and on behalf of all members of the RC Council, I would like to wish all of you great success in your academic and research endeavors.

Prof. Yousef A. AlOtaibi
Director, CCIS Research Center