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Research Center History

The rector of the university approved the decision of the scientific cauncil on 6.2.1397H. to issue the regulations that govern the research center in the University. On Tuesday 27.2.1405H., the college council approved the establishment of the Research Center at the College of Computer and Information Sciences.

The list of RC directors since 1405 H:

Research Center's Director Period
Prof. Yousef A. Alotaibi 1433 H - curent
Dr. Mansour M. Al-Sulaiman 1430 - 1433 H
Prof. Hassan I. Mathkour 1425 - 1430 H
Prof. Sami S. Al-Wakeel 1416 - 1425 H
Dr. Saud S. Al-Muthami 1411 - 1416 H
Dr. Dheaa Al-Khateeb 1410 - 1411 H
Dr. Mohammad R. Al-Kraksi 1405 - 1409 H