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A brief of the Information Technology Department

The Information Technology (IT)  program follows closely the guidelines of the Association of Computing Machinery – the governing body that influences computer science education around the world – as defined in its 2008 publication “Computing Curricula – Information Technology Volume”. This in turn will enable graduates to achieve the student outcomes mentioned in the ABET CAC accreditation criteria and will ensure that our renewed program meets both the general and the IT specific curriculum criteria.

 The image of the program is built around the following key strengths:

  • A sound program in information technology with focus on areas beyond programming or immersive software development.
  • The potential to conduct projects, internships, and research with faculty having broad professional experience.

Moreover, from a curricular point of view, the program is designed to possess the following strengths:

  • A core that focuses on courses that enhance the learning outcomes.
  • A practical training to enhance the practical experience of the students.
  • Satisfy accreditation requirements on both national and international levels.
  • Adaptability to changes in job market needs as the new program provides the in-depth knowledge through specific concentrations that can be exchanged with another.

The program offers multiple concentrations (tracks) thereby allowing students to gain their degree in The Information Technology.

Last updated on : January 25, 2023 1:32pm