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About collage


World-wide excellence and leadership in research and education in computing and informatics.


To advance the frontiers of knowledge and to prepare creative minds in computing disciplines with commitment to serve the community in order to participate in moving towards a knowledge-based economy through developing an environment that stimulates excellence, creativity, and innovation in education and research.


We adhere strictly to Islamic values. We are committed to:

  • Excellence: Continuously aspiring to excellence in education and research;
  • Discovery: Expand knowledge and human understanding.
  • Leadership: Excel with integrity and the spirit that nothing is impossible.
  • Teamwork: Work as a team, help each other, and sacrifice for the common goals.
  • Focus: Concentrate the energy and resources of the college to promote cutting edge and innovative research facing real-world

Historical overview

1402 - 1404 AH
The importance of computers for development and modern technology and the need for specialists in this field increased after computers penetrated all aspects of life.
From this standpoint and from the reality of the expected need for national competencies in the field of computer, the King Saud University Council agreed at the beginning of the year 1402/1403 AH to establish two programs for study in this field: the Computer Science Program within the College of Science and the Computer Engineering Program within the College of Engineering.

1404 - 1420 AH
The two programs began their activities and soon the students accepted them very much, which made thinking heading to the expansion of these two programs.
Accordingly, a committee of specialists in this field was formed from the faculty of King Saud University.

This committee carried out extensive studies to discuss the best ways and means to advance the curricula and programs of computer science and engineering at the university, and ended with the recommendation to establish a college called the College of Computer and Information Sciences, provided that the topic is submitted to the competent authorities for a decision. This committee has also carried out studies and research necessary to develop curricula and decisions for the various departments in this college.

As a result, Royal Decree No. 7/1558 / M was issued on 5/19/1404 AH to establish the College of Computer and Information Sciences and to be attached to King Saud University, so that the college has financial, administrative and academic arrangements for other colleges and institutes affiliated with the university. The beginning of the academic year 1404/1405 AH.
Admission of students to various programs began in the academic year 1404-1405 AH