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Vice-deanship for Development and Quality

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Vice-dean's message

The Vice-deanship for Development and Quality coordinates and supervises all development processes and quality procedures for the faculty. Most notably, the vice-deanship executes and supervises all operations required by the university and college internal quality management system in addition to support college units in satisfying the requirements for academic and administrative accreditations by national and international bodies. The vice-deanship is also responsible for developing and monitoring the implementation of the college strategic and action plans and contributes to the implementation of relevant initiatives of the strategic plan for the university.

Hussain Alsalman, PhD
Vice-dean for Development & Quality


Global Excellence in Computer and Information Sciences through continuous development and accredited quality.


Sustaining enhancement of college academic and administrative performance through administering an internationally recognised quality management system and implementing innovative strategic plans.


  • Transparency
  • Perfection
  • Group work/ team work
  • Academic Ethics


For developemnt: Developing, planning, supervising the implementation and analyzing of all activities in the college for the purpose of continuous improvement and producing competitive college outcomes.
For quality: Supervision and dissemination of the culture of quality among college faculty and staff, upgrading the internal quality management system, preparing college units for national and international academic and administrative accreditation.


The vice-deanship for Development and quality consists of the following units: