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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


World-wide excellence and leadership in research and education in computing and informatics.


To advance the frontiers of knowledge and to prepare creative minds in computing disciplines with commitment to serve the community in order to participate in moving towards a knowledge-based economy through developing an environment that stimulates excellence, creativity, and innovation in education and research.


  • Sustain excellence in learning experience.
  • Ensure creative and innovative research.
  • Strengthen graduates’ competitiveness.
  • Bolster faculty and staff performance.
  • Support continuous improvement through national and international partnerships.
  • Expand the college impact on local society.


Excellence : Continuously aspiring to excellence in education and research
Discovery : Expand knowledge and human understanding
Leadership : Excel with integrity and the spirit that nothing is impossible
Teamwork : Work as a team, help each other, and sacrifice for the common goals
Focus : Concentrate the energy and resources of the college to promote cutting edge and innovative research facing real-world challenges
Trust : Trust in human ability and ingenuity
Integrity : Foster individual & Institutional integrity
Creativity : Foster creativity in graduates